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Swimming pool alarms

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Staying Safe with Swimming Pool Alarms

As a pool owner, you would certainly want to ensure that safety was a top priority. Safety can take on many different forms when you own a pool, from the type of fence that you have to the alarms that you use. In this article, we are going to take a look at 4 different types of swimming pool alarms and how they can help to keep you and your family safe in your outdoor living environment.

Surface Alarms - This is one of the more popular types of alarms and it can be very effective at letting you know if something happens to wander into the water. It also takes on many different forms, including a buoy type alarm that floats on top of the water and recognizes when there are any unusual waves occurring. If it does detect that something has gone into the water, an alarm will sound and it may also be wireless, so that it will sound alarms indoor as well.

Subsurface Alarms - Like the alarm, which detects when motion occurs on the surface, a subsurface alarm takes it a step further and alerts you when anything enters the pool and is under the water. You can either use this type of an alarm as a backup system or as your primary system, as it can be very effective at keeping your pool safe.

Perimeter Alarm - This type of alarm system detects when anything enters the area around the pool unexpectedly. Once the alarm is set, it will stand as a 24-hour guard over the pool, helping to keep it safe by ensuring that nothing gets too close to the water. This type of alarm can be especially effective, because it does not wait until something is in the water before it alerts you.

Personalized Swimming Pool Alarms

There are also other types of alarms that can be beneficial when you have small children that may be able to get in the pool. Some of these are worn in a similar manner to a wristwatch, and if it is detected that the wristband has been submerged underwater, it will sound an alarm. This may also be a wireless system, which will sound alarms indoor as well.

If you have any questions about swimming pool alarms or would like to discuss any options about your outdoor living environment, you can contact the specialist that Medallion Pools. We would be happy to assist you in any way that we can by answering your questions and providing you with the guidance that is necessary so that you can have a safe and pleasant outdoor living experience. Contact us today and we will do what it takes to make you a happy customer.

Pool cover safety – child pool safety

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Why You Need a Pool Cover

pool cover safety-why is a walk on pool cover importantOne of the options for any pool is to have a cover that will help to protect it. Many people consider this to be an option that is left on the table but in reality, you need to consider all of the benefits that are associated with having a cover. In doing so, it will help you to see the reasons why a pool cover should not really be optional, especially because of safety reasons which will become obvious in the course of this article. At Medallion Pools, we care about you and your family and want to ensure that they are safe.

When most people think about pool covers, they think about keeping debris out of the pool. That certainly is one of the many benefits of having a cover, and it can help to save you time because you're not constantly skimming the pool when you want to use it. In addition, the debris that is in the pool could end up in the pump and this could cause damage to the pump in certain circumstances. Obviously, having a cover is not only going to help to keep your pool clean and pristine, it may also help to lengthen the life of the equipment and save you money in the long run.

Another benefit to having a cover is the safety that it provides for your family. Many people are concerned over the possibility of children getting into the pool and not being discovered until it is too late. This is a serious problem and it occurs all too frequently in the Metroplex, as well as in other areas around the country. If you have children or grandchildren or if you have young children that regularly play in the neighborhood, you should consider getting a pool cover. This is a serious safety issue and it is one that can have extremely dire consequences, if you are not protected. A pool cover can offer you a degree of protection that is not available from a fence.

If you have any questions about pool covers or the installation of a pool, you can contact us for more information. You might be surprised with the number of cover options that are available, and we can discuss those options with you before the installation takes place. In some cases, you may find that you benefit from having an automatic cover, so that you can simply flip a switch and the cover will either be retracted or expanded. This can be a very convenient choice and allows you to maximize the safety of your pool, along with that convenience.

Other Pool Options and Outdoor Living Choices

One other factor that may be considered with the pool cover is the potential heat that is available from it. If you like to use your pool in the cooler months, you may find that you are spending a considerable amount of money on heating the water. A cover for a swimming pool is like a solar blanket and when you use the right type of cover, it may be able to heat your pool as much as 10°F above the typical temperature. This will result in a substantial savings, because you do not need to run your pool heater as frequently.

At Medallion Pools, we want you to be perfectly happy with your outdoor living space. That is why we offer a variety of options to our customers, including customized outdoor living and pool options which help to upgrade it to your satisfaction. Contact us today for more information as to how we can assist you in having an outdoor living environment that is perfect for your family.

Dallas Custom Pool News

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Expect More Out Of Your Swimming Pool

pool customization custom pool accentsHaving a pool on your property has many benefits. You will find that you are using it regularly to cool off during the hot weather months and you will also enjoy the way that it looks on your property, as it enhances your enjoyment of it. A pool also has the benefit of increasing the value of your property, as well as increasing the curb appeal. These benefits and more make it a very common choice for individuals in the Dallas Metroplex to have a pool installed. This can be done professionally by Medallion Pools.

Although it certainly is possible for you to have a regular pool installed in your yard, that may not be the best option that you would want to consider. When you contact Medallion Pools, you will see that there are many custom options available which you can take advantage of. Having a custom pool on your property will do more for you than having a simple rectangular hole that is filled with water. It adds personality to the property and helps to enhance your enjoyment of it in many different ways. Medallion Pools can help to make this a reality.

What can you consider for a custom pool installation in Dallas area? Actually, there are many different options, some of which you may never have considered before. One of the options that are available is to use some type of water feature, which will enhance your enjoyment of the pool in a number of ways. Waterfalls are a popular choice but you can also add a variety of fountains and lights to the pool to help make it personalized. Regardless of the options that are available, they can be discussed by the professionals at Medallion Pools.

If you would like more information about the pools that we make available or if you are looking for a free estimate, you can contact Medallion Pools today. We are not just a pool company in the Metroplex, we are the premier pool company that can assist you in your outdoor living environment. You will love the various options that we make available and our knowledge of the installation and design of pools is something that you can take full advantage of.

Other Options for Outdoor Living

Although having a pool in your yard is certainly something that should be considered, we also offer many other options which will help to enhance your outdoor living space. These can include anything from fireplaces to summer kitchens and the perfect pool patio, which will help you to enjoy your outdoor space to the greatest extent possible.

Not only are we experienced in designing and installing these various features on your property, we also understand how to do so professionally. We recognize the fact that your time and space is very personal, and we make sure to respect those items when we are working on your property. We also ensure that the project continues to work flawlessly so that there are no delays in the installation process. We watch carefully through every step of the process, ensuring that things are done to our satisfaction and therefore, are done to your satisfaction as well.

When you have questions about the installation of pools or if you would like to discuss any feature that we can add to your outdoor living space, you can contact us on the telephone. One of our helpful professionals would be happy to discuss the options that are available and to provide you with a free estimate for our services. Call us today and find out why we are the premier resource for outdoor living in the Dallas Metroplex.

On the edge of new products and designs

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Enjoying Your Pool to the Full

enjoy your poolIn the Dallas Metroplex, there are many opportunities for you to enjoy an outdoor environment and when you have a pool in your yard, you will find that it is an enjoyable area that is welcoming for family and friends alike. Although there are many options that are available to you, it is always a good idea for you to discuss those options with a professional. Rather than choosing a company that is fly-by-night and may only do standard pool installations, you can take advantage of the experience and expertise of Medallion Pools. Why are we the company to call?

First of all, we always keep on the edge of any new products or designs that are available. We are not simply a pool installation company, we are well known for the customization options that we make available. Because we study this information on a regular basis, we understand what the new ideas are for concepts in new pool design. We are happy to provide you with that information and a truly unique experience that you will appreciate.

Another option that is often overlooked by the homeowner is the chemicals that are used by the pool company. Although there are certainly chemicals that are used in every environment, there are also new products that are available which may be more convenient and safer for your family. We are professionals in the industry and we keep up on any of the new chemicals that are available so that you can benefit from it fully. These chemicals will help you to use your pool to the greatest extent possible and to have crystal clear water, which is always going to look welcoming.

Choose Medallion Pools

Not only do we read information about new pool design and different ideas and concepts that are new to the industry, we also meet with manufacturers and discuss those possibilities with them as well. We are happy to pass this information on to you so that you always have access to the best products and services that are available on the market. Of course, we are always happy to give our opinion on any new product or chemical but we also welcome you to do your own research. It is our pleasure to keep you informed of anything that is new on the market but ultimately, the choice is yours as to whether you are going to use it or not.

To discuss more information about the services that we provide and the customization options that are available, you can contact Medallion Pools today. We would be happy to help you with the design and installation of all of your outdoor needs, regardless of whether it is a custom pool, an outdoor kitchen or any other feature which will help to make your outdoor living more enjoyable.

Hot tubs/spas

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Have You Considered a Hot Tub or spa?

hot tub2Many people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are interested in cooling off in the summer time, due to the warm temperatures. Of course, having a customized pool does have its benefits but it is not the only option that is available for the enjoyment of your family. Even though the temperatures can easily get above 100° in the summer time throughout the Metroplex, the demand for hot tubs and spas has been on the rise. This is not only because of the enjoyment that they can provide for your family, it is also because of the manybenefits hot tubs provide.

Although it certainly is true that a hot tub does provide heated water, it is not always something that is equated with an uncomfortable experience. Even when the weather is hot outside, you can use the hot tub because of the therapeutic benefits that it provides for you and your family. When you come home after a hard day at work, there is nothing quite like allowing a hot tub or spa to help ease your muscles and to remove some of the tenseness that you are experiencing.

Of course, there are also times of the year in which you will enjoy the hot tub or spa because of the heat that it provides. Although the temperatures can get quite warm in the summer time, there are also days that will be quite cool in the wintertime and you will be able to use the unique experience that the hot tub provides for the benefit of the entire family.

A look at the options medallion pool offers

Along with using Medallion Pools to install a hot tub or spa on your property, you can also use us for a wide variety of other services. In some cases, you may find that the hot tub is not only a unique experience on its own but it is a complementary experience along with a pool or other features that your yard has to offer.

We have been in business for more than 20 years and during that time, we have built up a reputation as a customizable company and a provider of everything that you need for your outdoor living environment. You can contact us to discuss some of the options that are available. We would be happy to come to your home, look at the space that you have available and give you the options that you have which will make your outdoor environment both unique and enjoyable. Call us today, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Custom outdoor kitchens and living areas

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What Does Your Outdoor Living Environment Offer?

outdoor-kitchenAt Medallion Pools, we want to help people throughout the Dallas Metroplex to have the outdoor living environment that is going to be right for themselves and their family. Although we are well known for the custom pool design and remodeling that we do, that is by no means the only service that we provide. In fact, we help many people in the Alan and Frisco areas to make the most out of their outdoor environment and to do so in the most convenient, customized way that is possible. What are some of the options that we make available?

One option that you may want to consider is the design and construction of an outdoor kitchen. These kitchens, which are sometimes known as summer kitchens, can be a very convenient part of your household and they will certainly add to the customization of your outdoor environment in a unique way. Of course, when we design an outdoor kitchen, it is according to your needs and we always ensure that the quality of the products and the work that goes into constructing it are at the highest levels that are possible. Having an outdoor kitchen is convenient year-round and is a choice that you will want to consider.

A number of other living areas are also possible when you turn your attention to the outdoor environment. Although many of us tend to spend the majority of our time inside of the home, there is a lot to be said for the outside and what it has to offer. Regardless of whether you're installing a patio, considering one of the many shade coverings that are available or adding a unique feature, such as a fireplace - Firepit, your outdoor environment will be a welcome place for friends and family for many years to come.

Why Can You Trust Medallion Pools?

We understand that there are options available when it comes to the design and construction of your outdoor living environment. For over 20 years, we have been helping people throughout the Dallas Metroplex to have the outdoor space of their dreams. We are well known for the quality that we provide, both in craftsmanship and in the products that we available.

If you have any questions about your outdoor patio, you can contact Medallion Pools for assistance in that area. We would be happy to come to your home and discuss some of the customization options that are available to help you to better see what your outdoor patio can provide. We are interested in making you another one of our happy customers and we will go above and beyond in order to provide you with the turnkey experience that you deserve.

Referral clients

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Where Do We Get Our Customers?

custom poolsIn the Dallas-Fort Worth area, having a pool that you can be proud of can help to increase the value of your home and your enjoyment of it. That is why it is important for you to choose a pool company that has your best interest in mind. Although you have options that are available, you will not be able to find one that is better suited for your needs then Medallion Pools. Why can we make that claim?

Quite simply, we have helped many clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including in Keller, Southlake and Trophy Club. Those individuals are not only happy with the pools that we provide, they often refer us to their family and friends who are considering having a pool done as well. This type of referral service speaks highly of the company, and we are very proud of the fact that we get referrals regularly. In fact, it is said that there is no better form of advertising than word-of-mouth, and we always appreciate the fact that our customers trust us to provide others with excellent service as well.

Of course, it is not only the service that makes us popular among our customers; it is also the quality of our work as well. We are a pool company that specializes in customized pools that are free form and contain many excellent upgrades. The beauty of the finished product is one that often speaks for itself and in addition, the quality of what we provide shows through in the design and the finished product as well.

Providing You with the Pool You Want

At Medallion Pools, we want you to be as happy as possible with your outdoor living environment. That is why we are willing to travel to your area in order to discuss the options that are available with each and every one of our clients. After all, the options for having a pool installed are often confusing to the homeowner, because there are many that are available. When we come to your home, we will help you with everything from the design of the pool to the color of the finish, which will help to make it just right for your home.

If you have any questions about the custom pools that we build or how we can build one for you that is right for your home, you can contact us today. We would be more than happy to come to your home in order to discuss the options that are available and to show you how a customized pool is within your reach. You can contact us using our convenient telephone number and one of our friendly representatives would be happy to assist you.

Bull Barbecue for Your Outdoor Living Environment

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Bull Barbecue for Your Outdoor Living Environment

bisonAlthough there are many things that you can do with your outdoor living environment to enjoy it with family and friends, there is nothing quite as enjoyable as adding a barbecue. Grills have been a staple of the outdoor environment for years and they will continue to be enjoyed by families for many years to come. Of course, you do have many options when it comes to the grill that you are going to choose, but at Medallion Pools, we always recommend the best, Bull Barbecue. What does this company have to offer?

First of all, Bull Barbecue has more than 20 years of experience in creating outdoor BBQ islands for their customers. They have the prominence that is necessary to provide proof of the fact that they can offer you exactly what you need. In addition, the success of their company is not only due to the quality of the products that they provide, it is also due to the manufacturing of those products. They are well-established and have been providing award-winning grills to their customers that are master crafted and engineered to provide all of the benefits that you could possibly want. In addition, the grills are CSA gas certified for your protection.

There is no doubt that adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio provides many benefits. It allows you to stay with your guests, who are enjoying your outdoor environment as well. Additionally, many individuals in Texas use their outdoor kitchen and barbecue island during the time when it is hot. Doing so helps you to avoid heating the home by cooking inside which saves you money.

A Look at the Options for Bull Barbecue

You might be surprised with the number of different options that are available for those who are looking for a barbecue. A number of outdoor kitchen islands are available, some of which are specific to cooking and others which also include an eating area. Regardless of whether you choose something that is simplistic or if you are choosing a mega island, you will find that it provides your family with what you need.

If you simply want a grill cart for your patio, Bull Barbecue offers the premium quality products that you desire. These come in a variety of sizes and different designs, which will help to provide your family with what you need.

Regardless of whether you are adding an outdoor kitchen, a pool or any feature to your patio, you can trust Medallion Pools to provide you with the quality product that you need. We are well known for the service that we provide and we can assist you in having the outdoor environment that will be perfect for your family and friends. Contact us today for more information about how we can assist you to enjoy outdoor living.

Glass bead and hydrazzo pool interiors

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Should you use Hydrazzo or glass bead for your pool interior?

contemporary-poolOne of the considerations when having a pool installed is the type of finish that is being used. This is something that may differ from one customer to another, and there certainly are many options that are available. In the pool industry, however, just as is the case in many other industries, there are upgraded options that are available which can help to make your pool more comfortable and increase the beauty and longevity that it offers. Two of those options that we offer at Medallion Pools are Hydrazzo and glass bead pool finishes. What are these different types of pool finishes and what can they offer to your family?

Before we discuss upgraded pool finishes, it's a good idea to discuss the history of pool finishes and how they have affected families throughout the past century or so. During the first half of the twentieth century, pools used finished surfaces that were painted on an annual basis. This changed when the plaster began to be used as a more durable surface. Of course, when it first came out, pool plaster was only available in white but that changed as the industry continued to develop. Toward the end of the twentieth century, color plaster was being used and there were also other features that were introduced along with it, such as the use of pebble surfaces and quartz, which help to improve the way that the pool looked and how long the surface lasted. Today, you have the option of using Hydrazzo or glass beads as a luxury interior pool surface.

Taking a Look at Glass Bead and Hydrazzo Pool Interiors

Hydrazzo - There are a number of different options available for polished pool finishes but Hydrazzo still continues to be the standard within the industry. It was the first polished pool finish that was available and it continues to offer benefits to pool owners, including superior durability and a smooth texture, which improves the comfort for you and your family. There are also a wide variety of colors that are available with this pool finish that can help to increase your enjoyment of the pool design that is available. When you use Hydrazzo, it is less likely for spots, etching or stains to be an issue with the pool finish.

Glass Bead - Any type of pool finish which makes use of plaster is going to need an aggregate which helps it to stick together. In this case, you're using glass beads as the aggregate, which can help to improve both the look of the pool and how it functions for your family. Of course, the beauty of using glass within the pool is going to be evident when the light strikes it and it reflects back at you. In addition, glass bead pool finishes offer longevity and comfort for your family, so it should be a consideration when you are looking at different pool finishes.

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