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Maintaining Proper Water Balance in Your Pool

Proper water balanceDo you own a pool? It is likely that you have seen your fair share of issues over the years. Many of these issues can be directly traced to the balance of the pool water, so it is important for you to ensure that it is balance properly. After all, you want to use your pool regularly and you want to be able to enjoy the time in the pool with your family, anytime it is convenient to do so. Rather than having to chase issues that are occurring because you did not keep the water balanced, maintaining the proper balance regularly will ensure that the pool is up to high standards and ready for your family at any given time.

Fortunately, it does not need to be an overly complicated matter to ensure that the pool water is balanced properly. One of the primary things that need to be considered is the pH balance. This is something that can vary from one day to another depending upon several different factors. Even the weather or debris that has blown into the pool can affect the pH balance, so it is important for you to check it regularly. Maintaining the proper balance in your pH levels can help to reduce the likelihood that alga will form and cause issues which are more difficult to treat. It will also help to balance the calcium hardness and the chlorine levels, so that fewer chemicals are necessary.

Further Understanding Water Balance

Although it really boils down to the pH balance, you need to consider that the water in the pool is either going to be corrosive or scaling if it is not balanced properly. Have you ever tried to continually add salt to a glass of water? At first, it will dissolve quickly but as you continue to add more salt in the water, it becomes increasingly difficult to dissolve. Eventually, you will have crystals of salt on the bottom of the water that will stay there. The same is also true with the pool. If it is not balanced properly, it will not be able to hold the chemicals that will help to maintain the proper condition.

It is not only the pH balance that needs to be considered in maintaining a proper water balance. You also need to consider the total alkalinity, which is similar to the pH balance but with some significant differences. Calcium hardness is also another chemical which needs to be checked, which can make a difference in the health of the pool and the hardness of your water.

Along with maintaining proper water balance, it is also important that you check your pool equipment and make any repairs that are necessary. You can contact Medallion Pools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and we will maintain your pool for you. With periodic testing of your pool chemicals and checking your equipment, you will be certain that your pool is up and running in prime condition at any time it is needed.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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