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Using an Automated Pool Cleaner

how long to run your automated cleanerOne of the difficulties that many homeowners face when they own a pool is keeping it clean. They may do what is necessary to clean it on a routine basis and can even check the chemicals regularly to ensure that they are balanced but there is still going to be debris which ends up at the bottom of the pool. In addition, alga tends to form on the sides of the pool and this can be difficult to clean unless you do so routinely. That is why many pool owners have turned to using an automated cleaner which attaches to the pool pump and runs on a routine basis to ensure that the pool is clean and ready for use.

A number of things need to be considered when you operate a pool cleaner but one of the most important considerations is the runtime for the cleaner itself. Some people will attach the cleaner to the pool pump and will continue to use it on a regular basis, any time that the pump is running. Yes, their pool is cleaned by the cleaner but there are a lot of issues that go along with using the cleaner for that amount of time. For example, operating your cleaner too frequently will shorten its life span and it may also be putting unnecessary pressure on the pump, reducing its lifespan as well. How long should your pool cleaner be operated?

Proper Cleaner Runtime

The amount of time that you are going to spend cleaning your pool will differ, depending upon a number of factors. In some cases and in some locations, all that is going to be necessary is for you to operate the pool cleaner one or two hours per day. If the pool is outside and there is a lot of debris that is blowing into it regularly, however, you may need to operate it for several hours a day. Although the amount of time may vary from one pool to another, it is highly unlikely that you will need to have the cleaner attached to the pool pump and simply allow it to run 24/7.

There are other considerations for keeping the clean other than using an automated cleaner. One of those options is hiring Medallion Pools to clean your pool on a periodic basis. Even if you are using an automated cleaner, there are specific maintenance chores that need to be done to the pool, such as brushing it on a weekly basis and ensuring that the chemicals are at the optimum levels. When you use Medallion Pools and their periodic service that is provided, you can be certain that those factors are going to be considered. Not only that, we will check the pool equipment to ensure that no problems occurring and to reduce the likelihood that any expensive problems are going to be an issue for you at some point in the future.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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