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Considering the Need for Pool Safety

poolgateIt doesn't matter if you have children or grandchildren of your own or if you simply have children in the neighborhood, you want to ensure that your pool area is as safe as possible. There are a number of different things that need to be considered in this regard to ensure that there are not any difficult problems or potential tragedies that occur as a result of you owning the pool.

There were over 170 childhood deaths as a result of drowning this year in the United States and the state of Texas ranks number two in the nation behind California, with 20 of those pool or spa drowning. Quite obviously, keeping your pool safe is a matter of concern for everyone. Here are some safety considerations which will help you to make the most out of this area.

Learn to Swim - One of the most important things for you to do is to learn how to swim and to teach your children how to swim. This is a necessity for anyone that owns a pool and it can certainly save a life.

Watch the Pool Carefully - Even if you and your children know how to swim, it is still very important for you to watch the pool carefully. In only takes a moment for an accident to occur but if you are there to take action, you can prevent a tragedy.

Fencing - It is vitally important for you to have a fence around the pool area to ensure that nobody is able to gain access unless you know that they are in the area. Make sure that the fence is fully enclosed, has self-latching gates and is at least 4 feet tall. If your neighbors have a pool, you should ask them to do the same.

Alarms - Every window and door that faces the pool and gives access to the pool should have an alarm installed. These alarms can be purchased and installed easily and they will sound the alarm if the window or door is opened without your permission.

Other Safety Concerns for Your Pool

Covers - May sure that the cover for your pool or spa is always kept in good condition. It is also beneficial if you purchase a locking cover, as that can help to keep the area safe, even when you are not watching over it.

Underwater Alarms - There are a number of alarm options available to keep your pool safe. These include an underwater alarm and a surface wave alarm, which will alert you to the fact that somebody, is in the water if you are not there.

At Medallion Pools, we want to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer. Contact us today for more information about pool safety and what we can do to ensure that your pool is secure for you and your children. We are proud to service Allen, McKinney, Frisco and all other surrounding areas for any of their outdoor needs!

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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