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Maintaining your pool chemicals through proper testing

Pool chemical maintenanceAnybody that has a pool understands the need to check the chemicals regularly. If you don't check the chemicals and maintain a proper chemical level, it can easily turn your beautiful pool into a green color and can lead to other problems, such as staining that is very difficult to remove. Fortunately, if you understand the basics of testing chemicals in the pool, it is something that you can do on your own and you can use the information to maintain a proper chemical level. You can also trust the testing of the pool chemicals to Medallion Pools, to maintain a trouble-free environment to the benefit of you and your family.

Most pools are closed down for the winter, although it is possible for you to have pool heater which will allow you to use the pool year-round. Testing chemicals in the pool often begins in the springtime, when you are getting your pool ready for use throughout the summer. Not only should you test the chemicals during this time, you should also check the equipment for the pool and ensure that it is operating properly. Check the sanitizer levels, as well as the pH to determine if it is ready for use. More than likely, you will need to add some chemicals in order to strike the right balance but it all begins with testing it properly.

What Should You Test?

Many home test kits are going to provide you the ability to test the chlorine level, along with the pH level. Those are not the only chemicals that need to be checked, however, and you should either get a high quality test kit or have Medallion Pools come out to test your chemicals weekly. We will check for other important factors, such as the total alkalinity, calcium levels and the stabilizer. If you balance your pool properly and test the chemicals regularly, it can add to the outdoor environment that is certainly going to be to the benefit of your family.

Along with testing the chemicals of the pool, it is also vitally important that you maintain the pool equipment properly. Some of the pool equipment, such as the pumps, are going to be expensive if they need to be replaced because major damage has occurred. It is much better for you to ensure that the routine maintenance of the equipment is taking place and any problems are caught early, to avoid the major expenditures that may be necessary. This can be done by checking the pressure gauge of the filter and making sure the filter baskets in the pumps are clean.

If you have any questions about your pool or would like to discuss a routine chemical testing to be done at your location, you can contact Medallion Pools. We have been helping individuals throughout the Dallas Metroplex to have the perfect pool at their home and to ensure that it is available for use by them and their family at any given time.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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