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Should you use Hydrazzo or glass bead for your pool interior?

contemporary-poolOne of the considerations when having a pool installed is the type of finish that is being used. This is something that may differ from one customer to another, and there certainly are many options that are available. In the pool industry, however, just as is the case in many other industries, there are upgraded options that are available which can help to make your pool more comfortable and increase the beauty and longevity that it offers. Two of those options that we offer at Medallion Pools are Hydrazzo and glass bead pool finishes. What are these different types of pool finishes and what can they offer to your family?

Before we discuss upgraded pool finishes, it's a good idea to discuss the history of pool finishes and how they have affected families throughout the past century or so. During the first half of the twentieth century, pools used finished surfaces that were painted on an annual basis. This changed when the plaster began to be used as a more durable surface. Of course, when it first came out, pool plaster was only available in white but that changed as the industry continued to develop. Toward the end of the twentieth century, color plaster was being used and there were also other features that were introduced along with it, such as the use of pebble surfaces and quartz, which help to improve the way that the pool looked and how long the surface lasted. Today, you have the option of using Hydrazzo or glass beads as a luxury interior pool surface.

Taking a Look at Glass Bead and Hydrazzo Pool Interiors

Hydrazzo - There are a number of different options available for polished pool finishes but Hydrazzo still continues to be the standard within the industry. It was the first polished pool finish that was available and it continues to offer benefits to pool owners, including superior durability and a smooth texture, which improves the comfort for you and your family. There are also a wide variety of colors that are available with this pool finish that can help to increase your enjoyment of the pool design that is available. When you use Hydrazzo, it is less likely for spots, etching or stains to be an issue with the pool finish.

Glass Bead - Any type of pool finish which makes use of plaster is going to need an aggregate which helps it to stick together. In this case, you're using glass beads as the aggregate, which can help to improve both the look of the pool and how it functions for your family. Of course, the beauty of using glass within the pool is going to be evident when the light strikes it and it reflects back at you. In addition, glass bead pool finishes offer longevity and comfort for your family, so it should be a consideration when you are looking at different pool finishes.

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