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Using Heat Pump Chillers to Your Advantage

EE-Ti HeatPump-chillerAs many pool owners know, the temperature of the water in the pool can vary widely throughout the year. Most people find this to be inconvenient during the colder months, even when they live in areas that are somewhat in a warm climate. A dip in the air temperature which lasts for a week or more can easily reduce the water temperature to the point where it is unbearably cold. This is often overcome through the use of a heater but what can you do when the weather is warmer?

Most people who are having a pool built will consider the fact that the water can get quite warm in some cases. For example, you may find that the pool temperature is increasing substantially during the warmer months and it may get to the point where it is no longer refreshing to take a dip in the backyard. This may leave you wondering, how am I going to use the pool, which I had installed for use during the warmer months when it is uncomfortable to use it during that time? The answer lies in a heat pump chiller.

Although most homeowners do not consider using a heat pump chiller for their pool, those that do recognize the value that it adds. During the time when the water gets warmer and the temperature outside tends to make us want to spend some time in the pool, we want to make sure that it is refreshing. A heat pump chiller can chill the pool by cooling the water through the heat pump system. Just as a heat pump is able to cool and heat the home, depending upon the need, it is able to offer a similar benefit when it comes to the water of the pool.

What Heat Pump Chiller Do I Need?

If you are considering having a heater installed in the pool, you should certainly consider the possibility of installing heat pump chillers. Although it is true that this device is a bit more expensive, consider the fact that you will be able to use your pool more frequently and it will be more comfortable, especially during the times of the year when it is to be used regularly. The difference in the water temperature that is experienced when you use the heat pump chiller can be quite substantial and in some cases, you can even cool it to the point where it is quite chilly to go for a swim. Of course, most homeowners simply want to use it in order to make the pool comfortable, and they can do so when the weather is hot outside.

For those who would like to discuss having heat pump chillers installed in their pool, they can contact Medallion Pools. We have been helping homeowners throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area with building custom pools, offering pool care packages and the installation of specialized items, such as heat pump chillers.

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