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**Our Professional Weekly Pool Cleaning- Starting @ $160 *billed in 4 trip increments


*Brush pool weekly

*Vacuum pool as needed

*Monitor and adjust basic chemicals

  • ph
  • alk
  • cyn
  • chlor

*backwash as needed (de included)

*empty All baskets

*Monitor Equipment

*Each Tech is a licensed pool professional

**Items that are additional costs

  • shock
  • sequester *pools we have built include at no additional cost
  • salt
  • filter cleans
  • additional cleaning time, leaves debris, etc

Pool Cleaning in Frisco, Allen and McKinney Texas

Frisco pool cleaningMany people that have pools enjoy when they are clean and available for their use. The unfortunate reality is that many of us do not have the necessary time to keep them operating at peak efficiency and as clean as possible. That is where the professionals at Medallion Pool Design can help. We offer our professional pool cleaning services to those that live in the area to help take their mind off of the situation and to allow them to enjoy their pool, without the frustration of finding it dirty when they want to enjoy it. What kind of services do we offer?

When we come to your property, we will ensure that your pool does not have any debris in it. We will skim the pool and if necessary, clean the bottom to remove any leaves or other debris that is there. In addition, we will check the chemicals to ensure that you do not have any problems with algae. By keeping your chemicals at their peak levels, it will ensure that problems do not exist which will be both costly and frustrating to fix. Another problem area that may need corrected is on the walls of the pool. We will brush them when needed to ensure that they are also as clean and to enhance the overall look of the pool.

Common Questions regarding our weekly service

Q - Do we offer chemical only service?
A - Only with pools we have built

Q - Do you offer 1 time cleaning?
A  -  No, pools require more than 1 visit to properly balance. Our min commitment is 6months

Q - Do you offer bi-monthly service?
A - No, pools require weekly care and our experience shows this type of service yields higher workload to balance chemicals and clean, best practice is weekly

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How come every time I take my water to be tested at the pool store they want to sell me some chemicals?
Pool stores are in business to sell you chemicals as oppose to our service is designed to maintain your pool for use.

Question: I called around and you are more expensive than a few others?
Overall we really are cheaper when you consider our techs are state licensed and can actually do all repairs pertaining to your pool site. Our expertise is also a higher level of knowledge base as opposed to part time folks throwing a pool pole in the back of their truck.

Question: How come scale and stains keep coming back? 
Both scale and stain removal require a longer regimented process to remove and prevent from returning as most homeowners do not know how to conduct this process. Even adding some chemicals periodically with not be sufficient

Additional Services with Our Pool Cleaning

We are well known for our professional pool cleaning services but we also do a lot of work behind the scenes to help ensure that your pool is always operating at the highest level of efficiency. When we come to clean your pool and to check the chemicals, we will also do an inspection of your pool equipment. We will be able to identify any problems that are occurring with the equipment which can be repaired now at a lower cost. When you use medallion pools, you can be sure of your satisfaction and you will be happy to know, we are licensed and insured and have years of experience in taking care of pools throughout the McKinney, Allen and Frisco area.

If you would like more information about our pool cleaning service or if you would like information about the other outdoor living services we provide, you can call us. Our phone number is available on our website and one of our professionals would be happy to assist you where you need it.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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