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frisco pool concreteThere are many materials used for construction, including for the construction of swimming pools. One of the most frequently used construction materials on the planet, however, is concrete. When most people look at concrete they have the misconception that "Portland" concrete comes from an area in northwestern Oregon. The facts behind concrete are interesting and they can help you to learn more about how Medallion Pools is going to help you with your McKinney, Alan or Frisco pool construction project.

Concrete was invented in 1824 by a British bricklayer, Joseph Aspdin. It was not named after the Oregon city but rather, after a tiny island named Portland located in the English Channel. Portland in the English Channel well known for its limestone. The type of cement invented by Aspdin would go on to become the first hydraulic cement in the world. It would also change the face of construction from that point forward.

It took a few years for Portland cement to catch on but by 1850, a campaign was well underway to help promote the use of this cement in construction projects. In Kent, a hall was under construction that was known as Portland Hall and it was an all concrete mansion. In addition, there was an accident that helped to show that this type of cement was quite strong. It occurred when a barge carrying Portland cement ran aground on the Isle of Sheppey. The locals rushed to retrieve the barrels from the barge but were disappointed when they discovered they did not contain whiskey! Portland cement was inside the barrels so they decided to build a pub out of the barrels that were as hard as a rock. It went on to become known as "The Ship on Shore," and it is still standing down to this day in the village of Sheerness.

Not only has concrete proven to be an excellent construction material in those old days, it is still used on many projects down to this day. For example, the construction of many large dams owes its strength to concrete, as does many smaller projects, foundations for homes and slabs. Of course, you also find concrete in any pool and it helps them to stand the test of time as well.

If you live in Aubrey, Prosper or anywhere in the Dallas Metroplex you can count on Medallion Pools to take care of your outdoor living needs. Not only are we known for designing excellent pools, we also care for many other aspects of your outdoor living as well. Contact us today for more information or an estimate.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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