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Mckinney kover krittersMost homeowners don't give too much thought to the look of the pool equipment, as most of it is kept out of public view. Of course, it is a good idea to keep things clear in the area, as you don't want to impede the working of the pool pumps, filters or other equipment but for the most part, nobody is going to see it. That isn't the case, however, with all of your pool equipment and that is especially true of the pool vacuum cleaner. That is why many people are now using Kover Kritters, as they could help to enhance the look of this otherwise industrial piece of equipment.

For anyone in the McKinney and Frisco area who has a pool, you can always rely on the services of Medallion Pools to help you keep things up and running. We not only offer the services of designing and installing pools throughout the Dallas Metroplex, we also offer a wide range of other services as well. If you should happen to have any difficulties with your pool equipment, a simple call to Medallion Pools is all that is necessary to get things up and running again. We not only offer fast and convenient service, we offer access to a wide range of products that are certain to please any customer.

One specific product that you may want to consider is the one we mentioned earlier, Kover Kritters. These are known as the world's first pool vacuum cleaner cover, and they help to address an issue that many pool owners face. Although it certainly can be convenient to have a vacuum cleaner running in your pool at any given time, many homeowners are not happy with the way that they look while they are operating.

An option that many people consider is to manually clean the pool on a weekly basis, but it is quite difficult to keep up with this type of project. An automatic vacuum cleaner is the best option for any pool, as it helps to keep things clean on an ongoing basis and it also stops dirt from becoming a problem by being attached to the pool surface for too long. The Kover Kritters give you the option of making your pool vacuum cleaner look fun, because they come in a number of shapes, including an octopus, and soon to be a turtle, fish or even a frog.

The Kover Kritters slip over your pool cleaner and not only add an attractive look to it, they do so without compromising the functionality of the cleaner itself. They are designed to fit most popular pool cleaners that are available commercially and there is no assembly required. For information about this or any other product that you might need for your pool, don't hesitate to contact Medallion Pools. It doesn't matter if you live in Frisco, McKinney for custom pools or anywhere else in the Dallas Metroplex, we are here to help you with your outdoor living needs.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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