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McKinney card on guardSomething that many people in Frisco, McKinney and throughout the Dallas Metroplex have discovered is that having a pool in their backyard can be a lot of work. It requires constant maintenance, not only to ensure that debris is not filling the pool but to keep the chemicals in balance so that it is clean and comfortable for use as well. At times, there are rather innovative products that enter the market and make it easier on the homeowner who wants to keep their pool clean at all times. The Card on Guard is just such a product.

Along with using the right products in your pool, you can also count on the professionals at Medallion Pools to ensure that everything is just right with your outdoor living environment. In the Dallas Metroplex, it can be quite comfortable to spend some time outdoors in the warmer months, and many families find that they are doing so regularly. When you contact Medallion Pools, you're not only talking to somebody that can help to design and install a pool, we can help with many forms of outdoor living options. This includes decks, overhangs, summer kitchens, water features and even outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. Contact us today for more information as to how we can help you enjoy your yard.

If you have a pool installed, you can use the Card on Guard to make sure that you are using fewer chemicals in the pool. You might be surprised to learn that such a small and lightweight product can have such a large impact on the swimming pool. The fact of the matter is, however, this unplugged solar cell helps to keep water clear and cuts down on chemicals by as much as 50%! This is all accomplished through light conversion technology. In essence, when light enters into the Card on Guard, it retains the energy from the light and then re-emits the energy in the form of photons. How does that help your pool?

When energy is magnified in such a way by the Card on Guard, it splits the water molecules. Doing so helps to release free radicals and that helps to inhibit the reproduction of fungi and bacteria. It also weakens any of the bacteria or fungi that is already in the pool. Although you may still need to add some chemicals to the pool to keep things in balance uncomfortable, you will find that you are spending far less and using far fewer chemicals, which is good for your wallet and good for your family.

Medallion Pools can assist you in getting your pool up to speed for the season. Contact us, not only when you have a large project but when you just need routine maintenance on your swimming pool. We will help to keep your chemicals in balance and the pool shimmering and bright at all times. We will also look at your pool equipment regularly to ensure that problems are kept to a minimum.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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