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Having a pool in your backyard means that there is maintenance that needs done, and the maintenance may include a wide variety of items. For most homeowners, it is a matter of adding chemicals on a weekly basis or perhaps brushing the pool to ensure that the finish is kept nice for the long-term. For other people, however, it may require more in-depth work, including lowering the pool level with a drain. Of course, you can always contact the custom Swimming pool Professionals Medallion Pools if you have any needs such as this, as we are not only a company that helps to build pools, we can maintain them as well.

Mckinney eco pool drainThere has always been a problem associated with draining the pool and many homeowners are familiar with it. As you pump the water out of the pool, it typically is going to result in some type of erosion or it may penetrate waterways, which is not only unwanted, it may even be illegal in some cases. If you have such a situation, you want to ensure that the pool is drained to an acceptable level without having to harm the environment around your home. This is possible through this eco-pool drain.

The eco-pool drain provides an easy and environmentally friendly way to lower the water level in your pool and dispose of the backwash water. The reason why this is so beneficial is because it doesn't simply dump the water out of the end of the hose, it sprays it into the air, similar to the way a fountain works. You will find that it is not only ecologically friendly to use the eco-pool drain, it is actually quite beautiful to watch and in some instances, you can use it in various areas of the yard to provide water to the soil as well.

Since this product sprays the water into the air, it is able to be gently absorbed by the soil so that erosion or the penetration of surrounding waterways is not a problem. It is similar to a rather heavy rainfall, which the soil in McKinney and Frisco is able to easily absorb. There are also other benefits to using this product as well, such as the fact that it self-drains. Why is that so important? Unless it was to self-drain, it could attract a wide variety of pests that would be unwanted in your yard. These not only include insects, rodents may be attracted to it as well. Fortunately, this new pool drain does not carry that issue because it self-drains.

If this product is of interest to you, you can contact Medallion Pools for additional information. We are a company that cares about your outdoor living environment and we not only design and build pools, we offer a wide range of services. It doesn't matter if you need a patio, an outdoor kitchen or a fireplace, you can contact us for help with the design and installation.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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