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allen pool stainsAs a pool owner, you want to make sure that it is clean at all times. There's nothing worse than going out in your backyard only to find that the pool has turned green because of algae or perhaps there are stains that are rather difficult to remove. This is not only an inconvenience, they can actually cause damage to the pool because those stains can eventually work their way into the surface of the pool and cause damage that is difficult to repair.

Of course, if you do have any type of stain or problem in your pool, you can always contact Medallion Pools, as we can assist you with the problem. We are not only a company that builds pools in your backyard and ensures that they are absolutely beautiful, we are a company that can help to maintain your pool and to keep it as beautiful as possible for the long-term. This can be done, either by contacting us when you have a problem with stains or by allowing us to come for routine maintenance, and then you may never have a problem with stains ever again.

Although there are many chemicals that can help to remove stains, one that is now available is from Spec Chem Direct, known as the Citrus Stain Eliminator. This is a new type of stain and scale solution that is all-natural, as this produce from citric acid. There are many benefits to the solution, including the fact that it is phosphate free, so it is not adding anything dangerous back in the pool while at the same time, cleaning the stains that are a problem for it.

Many people in the Allen, McKinney and Frisco area have found that this chemical is very beneficial for removing a wide range of stains from their pool. This can include manganese, iron and copper stains, some of which are quite difficult to get off if you do not use the right type of chemical. Of course, we want to ensure that anything we use in your pool is going to be compatible with your pool surface, and since this product is all-natural, it can be used safely with any type of pool surface. In addition, your sanitizer system is safe and sound when we use this product to get rid of your stains.

Not only is this product good for pools in Frisco, Allen and McKinney, it can also be used for spas as well. In essence, it is excellent for those stains that are difficult to remove otherwise and you can be happy with the surface of your pool or spa again.

Contact Medallion Pools for more information as to how we can assist you with any type of problem you're experiencing with your pool. It only takes a phone call, and we can have an expert on the difficulty very quickly so that you can get back to having a beautiful pool again.

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Medallion Pools Inc., Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Frisco, TX
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